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eFootball PES 2020 CD key

Whenever a new year arrives, some things are taken for granted, one of them being a new PES game. Some improvements are always made, but some stuff can get worse as well. Let’s see what PES 2020 offers.


The game is even more paced, that is, with a slower movement, which resembles the movements of real players. Particularly, I think Konami gets it right with this feature, but there are many people criticizing the change, claiming that it made the game slower. However, it is always worth remembering that there are options to increase the speed.

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Contact between players

The main change is seen in the players’ contact with his opponents. With that, the 50-50s become more real, with the ball taking a more random path and not always favoring one of the players involved. The same goes for finalizations, whose defenders seek to close the gap and can even change the path – avoiding or not the goal. Also, sometimes the ball can have its direction changed even twice in two different contacts, completely taking the goalkeeper out of play.

More accuracy required for passes in PES 2020

Improvement in passes is also very noticeable. eFootball PES 2020 cd key now requires greater accuracy when directing the ball to teammates. This is very clear when there are two players in front of you. In older versions of Pro Evolution Soccer, the pass was automatically made to the player with the best position. Now it is necessary to aim at the teammate, otherwise the ball will not reach the destination meant.

…and the same is valid for kicks/shoots

Kicks also go through this more precise targeting. However, in this case it is more difficult to get used to. There are many moments face to face with the goalkeeper whose misdirection causes the player to miss a clear goal opportunity. But it is for the better, only requiring time of play to getting used to the feature.

About the game:
Title: eFootball PES 2020
Developer:  Konami
Publisher: Konami
Genre(s): Sports Games

Realistic dribbling system

At last, there is a new dribbling system that, although more efficient, still falls short for a bit. But now it is possible to feint the opponent using the analog stick, which makes individual play easier.

Goalkeepers are still a letdown

If Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 keygen corrects many problems from the previous version, it hasn’t been this time that the game eliminated one of its biggest issues: goalkeepers. Konami’s disregard for athletes who have the toughest role in soccer is unbelievable. Once again we have in hands a game in which goalkeepers have bugs that directly affect gameplay.

New camera affects gameplay

One of the most attractive features of PES 2020 is its new standard camera system. It makes the player feel like they are on a TV broadcast, with a broader picture of the match, as well as a greater focus on certain individual plays. The change is bold and divides opinions, but many feel like it suited perfectly what PES proposes: to have a realistic atmosphere of a soccer match.

The most beautiful sports videogame

When it comes to visual, PES reigns absolute, and PES 2020 redeem code doesn’t change that. It’s amazing how much the game is able to recreate small details that make up all the magic of a soccer match. From players with increasingly realistic features to carefully arranged camera, PES 2020 is not only the most beautiful soccer game today, but the more realistic sports videogame when it comes to graphics.

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