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FIFA 20 Cd Key

FIFA 20 is the latest game in a series that is seen as the golden goose from Electronic Arts. In this new annual edition, EA Sports claims that community feedback has helped it create a superior experience to FIFA 19 and introduces you to Volta – the street football that once dazzled millions of players as a separate title. Perhaps that is why EA Sports claims to have a game within a game. Despite this novelty, the objective is repeated – evolution rather than revolution – to show how the latest refinements and incremental improvements are worthy of justifying a new launch. Focused on increasing realism and bringing FIFA 20 closer to reality, the team focused on details to bring the experience against what fans want and the results are positive.

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The refinement in controls, the subtle but noticeable improvements in animations and artificial intelligence make FIFA 20 keygen a game in which the erratic behavior in AI has been greatly reduced. By lowering the pace to allow you to breathe on the pitch and read the game. Looking for pass lines that open up, you can enjoy a gameplay in which the dribble gains preponderance and the game becomes more fluid.

This evolution in gameplay also benefits Pro Clubs players, who will experience a simulation closer to reality. Artificial intelligence is not so frustrating and makes better decisions. Unfortunately, to my great regret, the Pro Clubs were not extended to the new VOLTA mode, when it was a great option to play with small groups of friends.


There is no news to highlight in this year’s FUT. In addition to more practical and accessible menus, the objectives and respective rewards were broadened, making the Seasons more relevant. House Rules also makes its journey to the Ultimate Team, providing a more relaxed and flexible alternative to test our players.

Career Mode

Career Mode presents a small set of novelties that try to give a more human touch to the experience. There are several personalization options for our trainer, and we can even upload a face photo.

Visual without major evolutions

The look of FIFA 20 cd key is another element that brings less changes with each new version. In a comparison with the previous title, it is possible to notice even more real external elements of the stadium, such as bleachers, fans, advertising boards, coaches, reservations, etc. However, when compared to other games, like the ‘rival’ PES, FIFA still needs to improve a lot in this regard.

The characterization of the players, on the other hand, follows the same line adopted in recent years. The most famous ones receive more than special care, and the quality falls according to this level of importance.

About the game:
Title: FIFA 2020
Developer:  EA Sports
Publisher: Electronic Arts Inc.
Genre(s): Sports Games

Generic teams and Generic National teams became routine

An always controversial point in FIFA is related to club and team licenses. Like previous titles, the game does not have Brazilian teams and their original rosters.

And if that weren’t enough, this year EA still lost the rights to one of the biggest teams in the world: Juventus. The Italian team signed an exclusive contract with Konami, which made FIFA 20 present the club in a generic way, under the name of Piemonte Calcio.

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