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Farming Simulator 19 CD-Key game generator

Farming Simulator is back with new updates and new mechanics to make its 19th game the most complete experience in farming.

Farming Simulator 19 Review (PC/PS4/Xbox One)

FS19 cd key is the new delivery of this agriculture game developed by Giants Software which saga archieved to sell almost 10 million copies all around the world. Here we will found a accessible, inmersive and unique formula that will make the game enjoyable for all kind of players including: New activities, upgrapes in the graphic motor and more.

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Gameplay: Full experience of the country life

Just starting you will have to customize your character by choosing gender, clothes, hair style, look and complements, this includes your hired staff. Nothing too deep or too complicated but that successfully fulfil its job. After that, FS offers 3 ways to begin a new game, something very similar to difficulty. First option is New Farmer, this provides you a setted land, a few vehicles and some gear. Then we have Farm Manager option. With this option you’ll start with a big amount of money to buy lands, get gear and customize your farm. Last option is Start from zero. This one would be the hardest option since money is very limited and you’ll have to pick where to start your adventure.

Farming Simulator 19 Game mechanics can be a little complex at first but everything is perfectly explained in tutorials that allows us to learn the basic concepts of the game. Work the land, protect the cultures, pack the product or taking advantage of natural resources are some of the mechanics within the game. Don’t worry if it becomes kind of overwhelming, the game features an excellent HUD and, as always, controls will be on screen for each activity.

Bringing new features to a very complete saga

Two new plants are added to the already existing ones resulting in 13 cultives to work in total. These are cotton and oat, both counting with their exclusive vehicles and gear to work on them. Cotton will allow us to make good amounts of money while oat is very useful to feed the horses and to save cash since you won’t have to buy it.

To make the game a little more difficult and realistic, undergrowth is instroduced for the first time in the FS saga. This sort of enemy will grow in our crops and if the problem is not properly aborded it can cause that our land reduces its effiency in 20%. This feature brings an strategic touch to the game, making the player to be aware of the lands and always studying what can he buy or sell to improve the farming grounds.

About the game

  • Title: Farming Simulator 19
  • Release date: November 19, 2018
  • Developer: GIANTS Software
  • Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
  • Genre(s): Simulations
  • Game modes: single / multiplayer

The world of Farming Simulator 19

In Total there are over 300 vehicles and machinery available to use from all the importants brands in the market, some very famous as New Holland, John Deee or Case IH. They are all perfectly recreated from the inside to the outside thanks to the colaboration between the company and each one of the brands. To make it even better you can go online to expand your farm and download mods created by the community.

The Locations in FS19 generator are divided in two very amply zones charged with great details; Ravenport, where you can enjoy an american West-coastern area, and Felsbrunn that will bring you to the North zone of Europe inspired by the Prealps. Both are very different to each other and are well created.

Game Modes

FS19 offers both campaing mode and multiplayer mode. campaing features the already commented single player gameplay where you choose one of three ways to start the construction of your dream farm. Multiplayer brings a mode where 8 players competes in the same zone to create the best farm. Also, you can play every game mode in cooperative, 16 players in pc and 6 in console.

Graphics and Sound, Country life at its best

The graphics do a good job, showing us the most similar and realistic view of its contrapart in real life. Plants, surroundings, vehicles and more are exellently recreated in FS, not forgetting the physics and light effects that are really striking and give the player’s eyes a great and beautiful experience.

Sound doesn’t fad behind, featuring good soundtracks in the shape of armonies that,without being shocking fulfil the objetive of bringing music to accompany the player. However we have to focus our attention to the sounds inside the game, vehicles are not just perfecttly recreated at graphic level but they also are at sound level as well, not to mention the sounds from the environment that are great and for sure will leave a good mouth taste.


Farming Simulator 19 keygen came as the definitive agriculture game, a very complete and fun experience that presents a well balanced challange and a great view to this farming world, With new features that makes the game evolves does from episode to episode constantly expanding the gameplay, something that will make its veteran players very happy but maybe will present a challenge to the new players but nothing impossible or scary. In conclusion a game that doesn’t fail when we talk about introducing new mechanics to make this country life experience deeper, however fails a little by not including a tutorila mode for new players.

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